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Staging and Audiovisual Production High Quality Lighting Design Presentation Support
Graphics and I-mag Projection
Full-scale Audiovisual Production


Everyone knows that successful business meetings, conventions, trade shows and other special events are the result of thorough and effective planning -- followed by top quality execution.  Meeting Concepts can serve you best if we are included  in the planning stage as early as possible.

We will then work with you from start to finish - through all phases of budgeting, planning, contracting, coordinating, presenting and evaluating your program.   Or, we can work only on specific segments …it's your call.

Your designated Meeting Manager will also negotiate on your behalf with meeting suppliers to gain services at discounted rates.  Because of our negotiating expertise and reputation in the industry, in many cases, the savings we can unlock for you can often provide a substantial portion of our fees.  If we do our job right, as far as you are concerned, part of our work will be for FREE!


MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES: Site selection, planning and management all business meetings for groups of all types and sizes, nationally and internationally. National and regional sales and marketing meetings, new product launches, training seminars, skill development workshops, Advisory Council and Board of Directors meetings, etc.  

ON-SITE SERVICES Coordinate and monitor all aspects of the meeting before, during and after your program. Sleeping and meeting room management; supplier sourcing and coordination; management of on-site vendor, talent, speaker and room set-up arrangements; registration; activities and recreations; F&B; awards events and banquets; seminars and workshop coordination;  site services and DMC interfacing; VIP services; etc.

THEME EVENTS: Design, source and produce creative theme events, special recognition programs and unique recreational, social and celebration functions.  We specialize in providing the best in entertainment and live talent, unique, stimulating settings and room environments, and developing extraordinary levels of attendee interaction and involvement that will reinforce the meeting theme and group objectives in effective, fun and memorable ways.

AUDIOVISUAL AND PRODUCTION: Meeting Concepts provides a full range of  production, staging and audiovisual services.  We have designed, produced and presented programs and top-quality business meetings for groups of from fifty to thousands of  attendees and for some of the most well-known and demanding clients in the world.  Our experienced staff and producers are experts at sourcing state-of-the-art production equipment, handling logistics and staffing and providing expert operation of all levels of audio, lighting, projection and computer-operated imaging systems.  We have successfully produced events with many top entertainers and speakers and have become known for the high degrees of professionalism, creativity and dedication we offer to our clients and their attendees.

TRADE SHOWS AND EXHIBITS: Meeting Concepts' ShowGroup provides concept development, exhibit construction, I&D , drayage and transportation services and management support for exhibits in any or all venues.

QUIZMASTER GAME SHOWS: QuizMaster creates, produces and presents top quality, business oriented, TV-style quiz competitions and specialty game shows for groups of all sizes and types.  Each program has the flair, excitement and impact of a real network game show combined with the team-building and knowledge reinforcement advantages of an interactive training seminar.  With the questions and answers for the show written to reinforce the key aspects of each group's business, products, services, goals and meeting agenda, clients get a unique and memorable "Fun and Gains" event that will be of benefit for everyone involved.

MOTIVATION PROGRAMS: We design, develop and manage effective, productive WINcentive programs and use the power of's custom-designed, casual games on the internet to motivate employees, suppliers, vendors and networks. 



"Your handling of the last-minute additions we threw at you was superb.  But most important was your flexibility and cooperation with our management.  I don't know how you and your team can continually raise the bar for our events, but you give us new and exciting programs every year without fail.  As I said during my presentation opening, the (Worldwide Sales and Marketing Meeting) set was the best stage and most versatile presentations I have ever seen at any Pharma meeting!  Congratulations again on outstanding direction and a fabulous production."                         
- Dermik Laboratories/Sanofi-Aventis Pharma     

"You made the impossible possible.  I was not sure how we were going to pull off our Advanced Management Forum successfully.  It was the week before our meeting, our meeting planner was ill and we still had menus to negotiate, rooming lists to clean up and all the on-site work left to do.  You heard my horror story and were willing to cut short your vacation and bail us out.  We will not forget your efforts."  
- The Southern Company     

"Once again we tested your skills under fire.  Given our situation, there was no time for a warm up or easing into things.  You demonstrated the ability to quickly understand our needs, establish rapport, prioritize what needed to be done and get good results quickly.  You exhibited an excellent knowledge of the hotel business, especially in areas related to billing, and food and beverage.  Your energy and enthusiasm were contagious.  It was amazing how you were able to make even a difficult task fun"  
- Homequity Relocation      



We are experienced meeting professionals and we understand fully how important it is for your groups' functions to be informative, productive, participative and cost effective.  At Meeting Concepts, we put our many years of experience to work in designing, producing, managing and successfully executing all aspects of our clients' meetings.  We bring our meetings in "on time, on target and on budget" . . . always!

All of our meeting managers and show coordinators have excellent records of efficiently designing, planning and successfully producing high quality meetings for groups of all sizes.  We particularly pride ourselves in the depth of our experience as on-site meeting coordinators and producers.  Our capabilities and backgrounds clearly set us apart from our competition.  Most of Meeting Concepts managers have held meeting planning jobs at major corporations or have held convention services, group sales or staff management positions with major hotels or resorts.   Others have held national association management positions.  Regardless of your venue, we can benefit your event.

As a result, we have developed a particularly keen eye for detail, organization and maximizing our options.  We know what to look for to ensure the meeting runs smoothly and how to handle all the last minute changes, additions, revisions, special requests and VIP services that contribute to a successful program.  Although Meeting Concepts is based just outside of Atlanta, our clients and programs have been located in many cities around the nation  -- and in a number of other countries around the world .


Your time is valuable.  The last thing you need is to add more work
to your already busy schedule.  Meeting Concepts can help!

Meeting Concepts will work closely with you to become a trusted part of your team.  You will deal exclusively with one experienced Director of Meetings who will, in turn, be supported by a dedicated account team. This format enables us to streamline the meeting planning process and keep communication flowing smoothly in all circumstances.  With our "single point of contact" structure, only one call is needed to coordinate any or all of your group's needs.  Rapid, accurate communication and prompt follow-up action can then replace the barrage of phone calls you might normally make back and forth to hotels, airlines, transportation companies, audiovisual and presentation support suppliers, and the many other vendors that are needed to manage a meeting effectively.  We will handle all the frustrating logistics and details that come with any meeting. 

You can also rely on Meeting Concepts to find your group the best locations and negotiate the best rates for your group.  And we will do so efficiently, effectively, on schedule and within our designated budget. When you work with Meeting Concepts, you will even be able to enjoy your own meeting!

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QuizMaster Productions
For an exciting and uniquely effective new idea,

Top-quality, business-focused, TV-style, team-oriented game shows  
customized and tailored specifically for your organization and group!

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Our QuizMaster Productions group creates, produces and presents top quality, business oriented, TV-style quiz competitions and specialty game shows for groups of all sizes and types.  Each of our programs has the flair, excitement and impact of a real network game show combined with the team-building and knowledge reinforcement advantages of an interactive training seminar.

Each program is individually customized to aid retention of important business facts, build teamwork and generate motivation. The questions and answers written for each show are specifically tailored to focus on key elements of your business. It is well documented, people learn better and retain more when having fun. Our events are FUN, but because they reinforce your business, they can produce GAINS as well.

Each unique, team-oriented game show competition includes:

  • Colorful, TV-style game show sets, contestant consoles and props.

  • Network-quality, electronic timing and digital scoring systems, a multi-purpose master control console and a dual-signal, first-response lock-out system with individual contestant response buttons.

  • Special chase lights, visual effects, applause signs and music.

  • Custom-tailored show graphics, team signs and flashing marquees

  • An experienced, Emcee, on-stage Hostess and all necessary set-up, operations and strike staff

Your QuizMaster event will provide just the right mix of ENTERTAINMENT, EDUCATION and PARTICIPATION.  It is sure to be a big hit with attendees of all ages, backgrounds, experience levels and job positions.  All you need to provide is time on your agenda. Then, send us information pertaining to your business so we can write relevant questions and answers for the Competition.  QuizMaster will do the rest!

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We would sincerely appreciate an opportunity to discuss with you how our
background and capabilities would best be applied to your next meeting or event.

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