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InterMark, inc. provides a wide range of services focused on the needs and interests
of our clients, sponsors and online contestants and their businesses, services and promotions.

  • Live, TV-style, business-oriented game shows

  • Interactive competitions and themed special events

  • Internet-based, client-sponsored casual games, puzzles and contests with prizes

  • Full-scale meeting and production management services

  • Other targeted, sales, marketing and incentive-oriented programs

    InterMark has more than twenty years' experience in designing, producing and presenting creative, interactive, business-focused quiz competitions, contests, game shows and incentive programs.  We also provide complete program development and management services for meetings, conferences, exhibits and special events.

    InterMark is well-versed in internet and interactive, participative marketing and are the designers and producers of two of the net's most popular quiz and games sites -- PrizeRoom.com and QuizLand.com.

    As is represented by the three distinct, but overlapping, elements of our corporate logo, InterMark's business operates in three primary areas (see below).  We strive to constantly position our company well "ahead of the wave" relative to designing and implementing interactive sales, marketing, promotion and motivation programs for our site users, sponsors and their businesses.   Partial Client List

    InterMark offers dynamic, fully sponsored, free online games and a public games portal (PrizeRoom.com) that generate excellent response and acceptance by users.  PrizeRoom provides its contestants with games and great prize opportunities while offering its game sponsors unique access, promotional impact and new sales potentials

Operating Groups

1.  PrizeRoom.com: designs and produces customized, client-sponsored, internet-based games, puzzles. promotions, contests, sweepstakes and specialty Web sites.  PrizeRoom uses "casual games" as a highly effective delivery platform for delivery of information about our sponsors' products, promotions and services. PrizeRoom's unique formats and interactive B2B, B2C and B2E products build our sponsors’ access to and opportunities for influencing sales to internet users and potential customers worldwide  -- and can build amazing levels of retention of need-to-know facts within their employee and affiliate groups. 

PrizeRoom offers some of the most popular contests, puzzles, competitions and sweepstakes on the web and a wide range of  valuable prizes.  All PrizeRoom's games are 100% free to its contestants -- and no fees, advance registrations or irritating survey pages are required to play the games.  PrizeRoom provides a proven new medium to "bridge the gap" between the interests of its contestants and the critical promotional information its game sponsors want contestants to know.  We provide complete services from game design through day-to-day management and fulfillment.

2.  QuizMaster Productions: is the nation’s leading provider of live, full-scale, TV-style quiz competitions and interactive game shows.  For more than 25 years, QuizMaster has been producing exciting, live, business-oriented, TV-style game shows game shows and interactive quiz competitions that have proven to be highly effective teambuilding and knowledge reinforcement events for business meetings, product launches, association conferences, conventions, trade shows, fund-raisers and special events nationwide.  

Questions and Answers used in each show are custom written to emphasize
each individual clientís specific meeting, business, product, personnel and knowledge reinforcement objectives.  Our unique "Fun & Gains" programs will help meeting attendees learn more about the things they need to know to do their jobs better and to produce greater results.  QuizMaster offers a wide range of game formats and styles for groups of from fifty to thousands, nationally and internationally, in venues of all types.    We work with groups of from 50 attendees to thousands.  Questions and answers used in each program are custom-designed to meet .

3. Meeting Concepts: offers full service (from concept to design to on-site to accounting), full value event meeting planning, audiovisual production and special event staging for corporation, association and convention clients or all types, sizes and businesses in all kinds of venues and environments.  Meeting Concepts specialize in creative concepts, novel approaches, gaining full involvement by all attendees and generating top quality results that have lasting impacts.  We have produced meetings and events for from sixty people to more than nine thousand.  While we have worked with clients whose meeting budgets were in the millions, we have the experience and expertise to make a difference for any organization -- and will do it within our given budget parameters.  Full time; every time!

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Company History

The company that was to become InterMark was founded in 1983 in Danbury, CT.  Its Founder, current President and CEO, CJ Seltzer, had been a National Sales Executive for a $700M division of Chesebrough-Pondís, Inc. (CPI), a $15B "Fortune 100" firm headquartered in Greenwich, CT.  CPI is now a subsidiary of Unilever.  Jim had previously been National Manager of Recruitment, Training and Development.

In 1979, Jim pioneered and produced the country’s first business-oriented, TV-style game show for CPI’s Prince Matchabelli Division. "The Knowledge Bowl™" became a regularly-requested feature at major meetings throughout the CPI organization.  It ultimately became the foundation for InterMark and the launch pad for many of its interactive sales and marketing programs.

In 1985, prior to CPI's buy-out by Unilever, Jim dedicated his entrepreneurial aspirations to building an independent company on a full time basis.  InterMark was originally operated as a sales, marketing and training consultant firm (Selaura Corporation).  In 1987, as the company’s uniquely successful quiz show and meeting management programs became dominant parts of the company’s business, the two product lines were marketed separately as "QuizMaster" and "Meeting Concepts".  In July 1990, the company moved its primary operations from Connecticut to Atlanta. The company name was changed to QMC Corporation in 1991.  The Connecticut office was closed in 1992. All operations have now been merged into InterMark as operating divisions.  Each division maintains its own identity and is promoted under its own logo.  

InterMark does business as "QuizMaster Productions", "Meeting Concepts" and "PrizeRoom.com™".   The firm’s principle offices are in Roswell, Georgia 30076.  A satellite sales office is in Laguna Niguel, CA and an operations and warehouse facility is in Raleigh, NC. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact Us

InterMark, Inc.
9845 Bankside Drive, Suite 1100
Roswell, GA 30076

: (770) 664-0648; Fax: (770 664-0590
Email: office@intermarkinc.com

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