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We Hate Spam
... and you should too!

We will respect your privacy! has a very strict policy regarding our sponsors, prize suppliers, prize venues or anyone else sending unsolicited e-mail to our past or present site visitors, browsers, contest players and/or competition contestants. will not supply  your e-mail address to any other company, person or agency for any reason whatsoever without your express approval.  That includes through sale, rental, lease, benign neglect or any other means!

However, to help us do a better job for you, from time to time we may ask you to test out a new game, fill out a "satisfaction" type of survey, or to ask for your "I want to you to do this better" suggestions.  But that's it.  We would value your help and input, but if you don't want to respond, that's OK.  We will not get offended. 

Anytime you want to remove your e-mail address from our internal mailing list or quit a particular game, simply click here.

To change any of your personal contact information or revise your email ID, password or other information, please click here.

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