1. What are the goals of PrizeRoom?
  2. "What's New" at PrizeRoom?
  3. Who is behind PrizeRoom?
    Who is on the PrizeRoom Management Team?
  4. How do I contact PrizeRoom?


1: What are the goals of PrizeRoom?
A: Our main objective is to provide unique ways for sponsors and contestants (i.e.. prospective buyers) to interact in fun, entertaining and mutually productive ways.  Contestants will earn chances to qualify for and win some amazing prizes while competing "real time" against both themselves and other contestants.  During each contest, contestants will have fun being challenged by the variables built into each game and will also have chances to learn some good-to-know information about our sponsors' products (and maybe even qualify for discounts or special offers as they do so).

The ultimate goal is for each contestant to attain the greatest number of points for each game and to improve his/her chances to win one of our prize drawings.  Based on the design and rules for each individual game, the more points accumulated, the more likely a contestant will be to achieve Frequent Contestant status or to bring "score value increments" into play.  A contestant's own levels of knowledge and skill, the number of games played and the amount of time spent actively competing on-site may all offer additional points to be earned and opportunities to move onto new prize plateaus. 


2. "What's New" at PrizeRoom?
The PrizeRoom site and our games will change regularly and get new games, sponsors ... and prizes all the time.  In the future, we may produce a newsletter that will be updated periodically.  For now, just surf around to find out anything you want to know ... or send us an email with your questions.  Click here to go to the Newsletter or click here for the "What's New" link on the PrizeRoom.com home page.


3. Who is behind PrizeRoom?
A: PrizeRoom.com is a wholly-owned subsidiary of InterMark, Inc., the country's leading designer and producer of TV-style quiz competitions and games shows for the business community.  Our company has presented thousands of top-quality, sponsor-oriented, TV-style, live game shows and specialty competitions since its first program in 1979.  You can check out our websites at QuizMaster Productions and Meeting Concepts.  Short profiles of our key management can be found by clicking here: Management Team.

PrizeRoom.com designs many of its own unique contests and competitions especially for the Internet.  We also provide comprehensive design, development and on-going management services for all aspects of our sponsoring clients' specialty game sites and for our company-owned PrizeRoom.com portal site to our Web-based games. 

Game designers who wish to have their games considered for publication on PrizeRoom should check out our game design rules and parameters in the links section, then send a brief synopsis of the game and a playable sample to cto@prizeroom.com/gamedesignsubmission.


4. How do I contact PrizeRoom?
APrizeRoom is located in exciting Roswell (that's the one in Georgia, not the alien place in New Mexico), in the 'burbs just north of Atlanta.  The best way to contact us is through email.

Attn: Marketing Manager
9845 Bankside Drive, Suite 1100
Roswell, GA 30076

Phone: (770) 664-0648
Email:  admin@PrizeRoom.com

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