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This is the place to find the answers to your questions - or to find where to go or what to do on the InterMark, Inc. site.  Information about InterMark can be found on the About page.  Each of our operating groups has its own FAQ section on its individual website. 

Since many questions concern PrizeRoom.com and its free "Games with Prizes" tm contests, much of the information currently in this FAQ relates to those issues.  For additional information feel free to contact InterMark as shown at the bottom of the page. 



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  1. What will I find at PrizeRoom.com and its sponsored game sites?
  2. What are the goals of PrizeRoom.com?
  3. How can I become a contestant and start playing PrizeRoom's games?
  4. What does it cost to play a PrizeRoom.com game?
  5. What do you mean by "FREE"?
  6. How can I win a prize?
  7. Can I win more than one prize?
  8. If I have not filled out my Contestant Verification information in advance, and I win, how do I claim my prize?
  9. Which browser is best to use?
  10. What will PrizeRoom do with my email address and personal information?
  11. What about pop-ups, consoles, hijacker links and the like?
  12. Where can I get answers to my questions?
  13. "What's New" at PrizeRoom?
  14. Who is behind PrizeRoom?
  15. How do I contact PrizeRoom?


1.  What will I find at PrizeRoom and it's sponsored game sites?
A:  PrizeRoom.com
is a free online "casual games" network featuring lots of different trivia and word games, quizzes, puzzles, games of skill and chance, interactive contests, sweepstakes and other special entertainment opportunities.  Contestants can challenge themselves and have fun just by by participating.  We offer fun, positive, "real-time"  play with instant scoring. 

All our games are absolutely free to our contestants.  But, because of the generosity of our sponsors, contestants can also qualify for and potentially WIN FABULOUS PRIZES.  At the same time, our sponsors will gain unique opportunities to effectively and efficiently position their products in a low-key, positive manner.  This will advance their marketing, service, sales and promotional goals.

Enjoy yourselves -- and keep an open mind about what you learn while you participate in our games and competitions.  You may well learn things that will save you big bucks when you go to the store or want to make purchases on-line.


2: What are the goals of PrizeRoom.com?
A: Our main objective is to provide unique ways for sponsors and contestants (i.e.. prospective buyers) to interact in fun, entertaining and mutually productive ways.  Contestants will earn chances to qualify for and win some amazing prizes while competing "real time" against both themselves and other contestants.  During each contest, contestants will have fun being challenged by the variables built into each game and will also have chances to learn some good-to-know information about our sponsors' products (and maybe even qualify for discounts or special offers as they do so).

The ultimate goal is for each contestant to attain the greatest number of points for each game and to improve his/her chances to win one of our prize drawings.  Based on the design and rules for each individual game, the more points accumulated, the more likely a contestant will be to achieve Frequent Contestant status or to bring "score value increments" into play.  A contestant's own levels of knowledge and skill, the number of games played and the amount of time spent actively competing on-site may all offer additional points to be earned and opportunities to move onto new prize plateaus. 


3.  How do I become a contestant and start playing PrizeRoom's games?
EASY!  All you need is access to the Web.  Simply go to the PrizeRoom.com home site, click on any of the information boxes or the prize, game or sponsor formats that appeal to you and start playing.  Anyone can play and, initially, we won't even ask you for anything  but a username.  But if you want to be able to win prizes, accumulate prize points, stop and start games without losing your place, and a number of other important values, you will need to provide us with some personal contact information and preference data.  If you do not have an email address and want one, sign up for a free email account online at www.juno.com, or by phone at 1-800-TRY-JUNO.

Just click on the links below to review the various 
PRIZES that are available through the generosity of our supporting SPONSORS.  Or, click on the GAMES link to check out the many contests, puzzles, brain teasers and competitions we offer and the ways you can win them.  Some of our SPONSORS even have special games that are available only on the PrizeRoom website.  For each game, there will be a link to the applicable Rules page where detailed information about the game, an explanation of its rules and how to play, and information about its specific prizes and how to qualify to win them.  Before you start each game, learn how best to play it and check on the rules (they do vary).
Click here to go to PRIZES
Click here to go to GAMES
Click here to go to SPONSORS


4.  What does it cost to play a PrizeRoom game?
A:  PrizeRoom.com games are free!  All you need is access to the web and a valid e-mail account.  And we will only ask for your address if you win a prize (we will need a place to send it to)!  Haven't got an e-mail account? Get signed up for a free e-mail account by calling our associates at Juno at 1-800-654-5866.


5:  What do you mean by "FREE"?
 Just what we said.  PrizeRoom.com games are free!  There is absolutely no cost to a contestant to participate!  You should know, however, that daily play will produce the most fun and the biggest potential rewards.  This is because a contestant's chances of being a prize winner is improved every time he or she plays a PrizeRoom. game or qualifies at specific competition levels. 


6.  How can I win a prize?
AA: There are never any "guarantees" that you WILL win a prize, but there are lots of different games and many ways to QUALIFY to win prizes. 
Prizes and awards to winners may range from "instant winner" and "one-time only" points awards to those that require multiple entries in a series of escalating competition and prize categories and have high dollar or intrinsic values.  Each game will have its own rules.  Be sure to check the rules for each game you want to play before you start to play. 

For some games, "winning" is answering all the questions of the game correctly every time you play, by scoring certain levels of points or by otherwise completing the game in the format, time and method required by its rules.   For other games, if you score 100% on the first play of the day, you may qualify to become an "instant winner".  (Note: for all applicable games, each verified contestant can be an "instant winner" only once per contest period).


7:  Can I win more than one prize?
Whenever you complete a game correctly, you automatically qualify for an entry into drawings for an escalating series of prizes.  And, YES, you can be eligible for more than one prize!  That's one of the fun things about PrizeRoom's games -- you are never "out of the game" until the last prize winner is selected.  But the more points you have at each drawing, the better your chances of being selected. 
While there may be limits on the maximum point value that can be earned for any given game or time period, there is no limit on the number of games a contestant may play a game. 

Most of PrizeRoom's games and contests are designed to reward contestants for their skill, knowledge, abilities, frequency of play, etc.  As set up by our game sponsors, prize drawings will be held at the end of pre-designated time periods,   Visit the PRIZES section on the  PrizeRoom homepage for more detailed information about prizes and ways to qualify.


8.   If I have not filled out my "Contestant Verification" information in advance, and I win, how do I claim my prize?
Upon completing a game correctly and/or qualifying to win a prize, contestants will be notified by our online Contestant Response and Score Tracking System.  At that time, he/she will be requested to provide the required verification information necessary to verify their identity, confirm their ability to legally receive a prize and determine an address where the prize can be delivered.  There are at least Ten Good Reasons to fill out your Contestant Verification information and establish a username and password BEFORE playing PrizeRoom's and our sponsor's games.  (Click this link to find out why.)  All contestants are subject to winner verification requirements before any prize can be distributed.  By law, additional information may be required of major prize winners


9.  Which browser is best to use?
A:  PrizeRoom's pages are best viewed using Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher). Save yourself some time and download the latest version.  Also, clear your browser's memory and disk cache occasionally to eliminate any earlier versions or the games or corrupt images.


10. What will PrizeRoom do with my email address and personal information?
A:  Rest easy, PrizeRoom will not do anything with your email address other than use it to help you play game, qualify for prizes or gain more added value from your time spent on our site.  We have a strict "no-spam" policy and we operate our games, contest and prize fulfillment operations under the highest security protocols possible.  We will not normally send email to you and will not give, sell, lease or in any other way provide your address and personal prize verification information to anyone outside of our company or our approved coordinators (sponsor manager, distribution warehouse, etc.).  Check out our No Spam Policy for more about this subject.  As a pre-verified contestant you will also have opportunities to say "yes" or "no" to special offers and values our sponsors may provide.  If you say "no", we will respect that.


11.  What about pop-ups, consoles, hijacker links and the like?
A:  A primary objective for PrizeRoom is to ensure that our contestants have lots of fun and can enjoy our games and contests without being constantly subjected to irritating "pop-ups", fly-in "consoles", predatory hijacker, blind or repeating links, oceans of banners or having to wade through other types of heavy-handed sales pitches or unnecessary, bureaucratic rules and regulations.  These things cause frustration and dissatisfaction -- and you will not find very many of them on our PrizeRoom site or our client-sponsored games sites. 


12. Where can I get answers to my questions?
A:  If you have a question about any aspect of any of our prizes, games, sponsors, contests, puzzles, sweepstakes or competitions, your first stop should be check out the Contestant Services,
FAQ and/or About sections. You can find many answers there without having to contact anyone (for instance: to learn how to change your email address and personal contestant registration information or how to terminate your participation in a game or contest). 

If your question relates to a specific competition, each of our games has a rules and  information page and will provide a Contestant Services link and both email and snail mail addresses where you can contact us.  For other communication, especially to suggest ideas for new games, provide recommendations and suggestions to help our games function more smoothly and be more appealing, please email us or contact us at (770) 664-0648.


13. "What's New" at PrizeRoom?
The PrizeRoom site and our games will change regularly and get new games, sponsors ... and prizes all the time.  In the future, we may produce a newsletter that will be updated periodically.  For now, just surf around to find out anything you want to know ... or send us an email with your questions.  Click here to go to the Newsletter or click here for the "What's New" link on the PrizeRoom.com home page.


14. Who is behind PrizeRoom?
A: PrizeRoom.com is a wholly-owned subsidiary of InterMark, Inc., the country's leading designer and producer of TV-style quiz competitions and games shows for the business community.  Our company has presented thousands of top-quality, sponsor-oriented, TV-style, live game shows and specialty competitions since its first program in 1979.  You can check out our websites at QuizMaster Productions and Meeting Concepts.  Short profiles of our key management can be found by clicking here: Management Team.

PrizeRoom.com designs many of its own unique contests and competitions especially for the Internet.  We also provide comprehensive design, development and on-going management services for all aspects of our sponsoring clients' specialty game sites and for our company-owned PrizeRoom.com portal site to our Web-based games. 

Game designers who wish to have their games considered for publication on PrizeRoom should check out our game design rules and parameters in the links section, then send a brief synopsis of the game and a playable sample to cto@prizeroom.com/gamedesignsubmission.


15. How do I contact InterMark or PrizeRoom?
APrizeRoom is located in exciting Roswell (not the alien place in New Mexico), in the 'burbs just north of Atlanta.  The best way to contact us is through email.

InterMark, Inc.
Attn: PrizeRoom Marketing Manager
9845 Bankside Drive, Suite 1100
Roswell, GA 30076

Phone: (770) 664-0648
Email:  admin@PrizeRoom.com

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