PrizeRoom's newsletter serves two primary purposes:
(1) To communicate information from PrizeRoom to our contestants and sponsors
(2) To provide our contestants with another way to communicate with us and their co-players around the world.

We plan to use the newsletter to share any fast-breaking offerings from our sponsors, any exciting "special links" we have run across and keep you up to date with the status of PrizeRoom's various promotions and future plans.

The newsletter will also be the place where players can share any strange and wonderful things they have found in the great world of games and quizzes -- and ways to play for the for the best prizes.  Send your comments, observations  and suggestions to us by email.  The most relevant may be shared here in the newsletter.


JULY 7, 2007 . . . A RED LETTER DAY

was a great way to start!

The brand new, bright and shiny site was officially launched on July 7, 2007.  While the site is fully functional now, we expect to continuously add new, sponsored games to the site from continuously and on an almost daily basis.  PrizeRoom has committed to an ambitious "build-out" program and, on an on-going basis, will be rolling out new games and working with our sponsors to provide the great games and big prizes our contestants want. 

If you know of any organizations or corporations interested in using a unique and highly effective new media
approach to promote their products and services and "get the message out" in a very positive, efficient manner while providing a whole lot of FUN for the visitors to our site -- i.e. PrizeRoom's contestants who may become their customers -- please email us and let's get some correspondence started.

If you find any misspellings, errors, omissions, have trouble accessing any part of our site or have other suggestions, recommendations, observations or comments to make about the site itself, please email us and let us know.

Meanwhile enjoy the free games at our sister game site  Thanks for your interest and support. homepage
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